Ruskin on Drawing while Traveling

“My efforts are directed not to making a carpenter an artist, but to making him happier as a carpetner.”  Ruskin believed that to learn to draw, not necessarily to draw well, but to practice the act of it, forces us to slow down and really look and observe our surroundings. I have to admit, I wish I had had more time on this trip to do just that.  As an artist I am spoiled to having time and a space set up just as I like it to draw.  Drawing in the field is difficult for me, as I learned on this trip.  I was however, able to carve out some time to start a couple of watercolor sketches.  While working on these I was able to slow down and revisit my state of being at the places where my reference photos were taken. This is how I usually work.  Although I did not draw or paint in the field while on this trip, I did force myself to take note and observe with all of my other senses my surroundings.This enables me to go back and make artwork about my travels because I have those observations filed safely in my box of artistic tools and am able to use them.  IMG_1633.jpgIMG_1634.JPG


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