It’s okay, I’ll be back one day.

This trip was the most amazing experience I have had to date.  I have lived a very fortunate life and I’m grateful for all that I have been able to do and see, but this, this was life changing.  Unfortunately, on a trip like this you just can’t see and do everything.  Some people need to take time away from the crowds, others get sick with some kind of Euro-crud, and some, like myself, have to give their bodies a day or two to heal.  I was very sad to miss out on seeing the inside of the Pantheon and Boromini’s Sant’Ivo chapel.  After having spent everyday running around London and Rome, swollen feet the size of bread loaves, walking on uneven cobblestones and climbing the Capitoline hill my body had had enough.  My lower back was not having any of it when I tried to get out of bed that morning.  The next day was to be spent at the Villa Borghese and I knew I did not want to miss that.  So I made the choice to stay home and skip the Pantheon and Frscati wine country.  Before leaving for the trip I had mentally prepared myself for the possibility of the trip being too much for me physically.  I was excited for the trip and wanted to see and do everything, but I know my body and what it can handle.  If I learned nothing else from this trip it is that I can push my body much further than I thought, and I am no longer afraid of going to a new a place and not being able to handle it.  I will be back to Italy someday, with my Dave and hopefully with other friends and family.  I want to share so much of it with so many people in my life.  When I do return I will see the inside of the Pantheon, and everything else that I didn’t get around to this time.  As for Sant’Ivo, I’ll see it next time too.



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