A Fine Meal at the Sea

There were plenty of wonderful meals to be had in Italy.  Everyday I sat down with  different members of our large group and shared a meal.  Eating in Italy is an event, it is not to be rushed (even if you only have 15 minutes to pick up a cornetto and a cappuccino). My favorite meal while there was the one most of us shared on a spur of the moment adventure to Ostia Lido after having wandered through the ruins of Ostia Antica.  We had hopped on what I refered to as the “grafitti train” (which was beautiful in it’s own way) and departed at a station where the main road led you strait to the Tyrrhenian Sea.  After having gelato and drinks first, we walked along the beach and came upon a seafood restaurant named Il Dolphino (The Dolphin).  We sat down and talked about all we had seen up to that point in out trip.  There was so much laughter and companionship and I will cherish it always.  I enjoyed a delicious mussle linguine with a spicy garlic and butter sauce that was amazing.  The mussles melted in my mouth like little pats of butter and exploded with flavor.  On our last outing we went to the sea town of Sperlonga where I ordered the same dish at a different restaurant and was sadly dissapointed.  Ostia Lido is the place for delicious seafood in Italy!



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